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Open-source feature flag management, A/B experiments and remote configuration platform

#1 cloud native feature flag service that scales with your business

Install with Docker

$ docker run -p 8085:8085 --user 999:999 -v $HOME/party:/db featurehub/party-server:latest

Once installed, head to http://localhost:8085/ to see FeatureHub Admin Console in action 

Platform Features

Unlimited environments
Unlimited features
Unlimited applications
Boolean, String, Number and Json type flags
Gradual percentage rollout
Standard targeting rules
Custom targeting rules
Sign in with Google, Microsoft, GitHub, Keycloak, OAuth2 or SAML
Granular user groups and service accounts permissions
Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle connectors
Cloud Native, out of the box integration with NATS, Google PubSub or AWS Kinesis
Push & Pull feature updates mechanisms
Client-side evaluation
Server-side evaluation
Client-side caching
Web Console
API Access
Fault-safety mechanisms
Community support via GitHub and Slack 
Google Analytics integration
Free feature flags management

release With confidence

  • View feature flags across all your environments in a single view dashboard

  • If you are not a fan of UI dashboards, use our headless API (Admin SDK) to manage environments, applications and features

  • Integrate with CI/CD pipelines and control feature states from the automated tests

  • Save costs by running our open source platform on your own infrastructure / cloud (self-hosted)

  • Choose from multiple cloud native deployment options and scale according to your organization needs

  • Secure and safe to use, with granular access control rules

  • Multiple languages support with SDK's developed for browser, mobile and server apps

Enterprise ready

FeatureHub - Free Feature Flags management platform - Permissions and access settings

Proudly used by... 

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Get started

1. Install with Docker

Cloud native and packaged up ready to use, from a simple single docker image through to super redundant and scalable Kubernetes ready deployments.

2. Create feature flags

Setup your applications, environments and features in the FeatureHub Admin Console. Create simple flags or add user targeting rules and gradual rollouts.

3. Use our SDK's

With out of the box SDK's ready to use, start adding features in your code. Variety of SDK's support for Web browser, Mobile and Server apps.

4. Start rolling out features 

Manage feature flags via FeatureHub Admin Console or headless API. Integrate with Google Analytics and see the results of your feature experiments. 

Get started in 4 easy steps

Supported SDK's

  • Feature flags is a key enabler for trunk based development. Use this technique to avoid large risky code merges and long lived branches

  • Feature flags allow teams to decouple release from deployment. Product owners can decide when they want new features to be turned on with one click of a button


  • With FeatureHub service you can perform A/B testing and use percentage rollout to prototype and test ideas frequently and safely with real customers in production 

DevOps best practices - FeatureHub

FeatureHub - embedding DevOps best practices 

​We're passionate about DevOps and we know that feature flag driven development encourages DevOps and good engineering practices

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