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Less overpaying.
More feature flags.

#1 cloud native feature flag service that scales with your business

1-step sign up/sign in with Google, GitHub or Microsoft AD to FeatureHub SaaS cloud. No credit card required. Or host yourself for free with FeatureHub Open Source

FeatureHub - Feature Flags Service dashboard

Join SaaS

Join fully managed SaaS cloud platform with a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model, flexible and affordable for any team size. All open source features included. Sign up today and get 30 days free trial. No credit card required.

Or Install Open Source 

Install with Docker - our already battle tested and completely free open source self-hosted solution. Manage on your own terms and take full control.

$ docker run -p 8085:8085 --user 999:999 -v $HOME/party:/db featurehub/party-server:latest

Once installed, head to http://localhost:8085/ to see FeatureHub Admin Console in action 

Start rolling out features in 3 easy steps


Create application, environment and add features 

Create Service Account, assign permissions and copy API Key


Implement in your code using one of our SDKs


FeatureHub comes with the variety of SDKs to connect with your favourite programming language

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FeatureHub Solutions are Designed for Versatile Use Cases

Release software safely with gradual percentage rollout

Experiment with a small number of users to test a new feature and then increase or decrease the percentage as you observe how users behave under the changes. Once you are happy with user feedback, increase the feature rollout up to 100%. 

FeatureHub app Percentage Rollout

Why FeatureHub?

Best pricing model

For our SaaS option, there is no tiers, no limits, no extra charges.

Yes, we even provide SSO/SAML login, granular user permissions and API access - all included into a single price! 

Ultra fast and secure feature flags in the cloud

FeatureHub is a highly scalable cloud native platform serving features in near real time. To provide you with the best performance we have teamed up with Fastly for global CDN and Google Cloud - home for FeatureHub platform, always secure and highly available. 

Single source of truth for all your feature flags

Keep all your flags in one place across your organisation. No need to create multiple prod and non-prod instances or subscribe to multiple accounts, let alone different tools. With our enterprise-grade granular permissions for users and service accounts you will always be in control.

What's Under the Hood

Product Features
Open Source
Unlimited feature flags
Unlimited applications
Unlimited environments
Business toggles
Feature groups
Boolean, String, Number and JSON type flags
Percentage rollout
Audience targeting
Multivariate testing
Sign in with Google, Microsoft, GitHub
SAML integration
Keycloak integration
Audit log for feature updates
Granular user groups and service accounts permissions
Fastly caching integration
Streaming or REST feature updates mechanisms
Client-side evaluation
Server-side evaluation
Client-side caching
API Access
Fault-safety mechanisms
Community support via GitHub and Slack 
Google Analytics integration
Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle connectors
Cloud Native eventing with NATS, Google PubSub or AWS Kinesis

Fast and Secure Feature Flags: FeatureHub & Fastly Partnership

With our strategic partnership with Fastly, takes your feature flag management to the next level. Leveraging Fastly's powerful edge caching capabilities, we ensure that your feature flags are stored in cache, bringing them closer to your end-users than ever before. This proximity enables lightning-fast delivery, reducing latency and enhancing the user experience.

FeatureHub logo


Fastly logo

Enterprise Ready

  • Save costs by running our open source platform on your own infrastructure / cloud (self-hosted) or use SaaS platform and let us manage it for you with the most cost effective pricing model

  • Choose from multiple cloud native deployment options and scale according to your organization needs

  • Secure and safe to use, with granular access control rules and SSO/SAML integration

FeatureHub app Feature Flags Permissions

Developer and DevOps Friendly

  • View feature flags across all your environments in a single view dashboard

  • If you are not a fan of UI dashboards, use our headless API (Admin SDK) to manage environments, applications and features

  • Integrate with CI/CD pipelines and control feature states from the automated tests

  • Multiple languages support with SDK's developed for browser, mobile and server apps

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