Open-source feature flag management, A/B experiments and remote configuration  platform

Designed for DevOps teams 

Install with Docker

$ docker run -p 8085:8085 --user 999:999 -v $HOME/party:/db featurehub/party-server:latest

Once installed, head to http://localhost:8085/ to see FeatureHub Admin Console in action 

Free feature flags management

Devops friendly

View feature flags, custom values and remote configurations across all your environments in a single view dashboard

Test your deployments gradually with percentage rollout and user attribute (segments) targeting 


"Smart Lock", "Environment deployment order" and other useful functions to support Agile and DevOps teams

open source & FREE

Unlimited users

Unlimited features & feature requests

Unlimited applications and environments

Out of the box integration with Google Analytics to enable A/B testing and feature experiments

Google Analytics Integration
FeatureHub - Free Feature Flags management platform - Permissions and access settings

Run on your own infrastructure (self-hosted)

Sign in with Google, Microsoft, GitHub or Keycloak

Access control levels to allow different user groups permissions

Multiple portfolios (department) support

Enterprise ready

Supported SDK's


Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Install via Docker

Host your own instance with multiple deployment options

FeatureHub is open source and packaged up ready to use, from a simple single docker image through to super redundant and scalable Kubernetes ready deployments.  

2. Use our SDK's

With out of the box SDK's ready to use, start adding features in your code

Variety of SDK's support for Web, Mobile and API: Java, Java-Android, JavaScript/TypeScript, Node, Python, Golang, Ruby, Dart, Flutter Mobile, Flutter Web, C#/.Net

3. Start managing features

Setup your applications, environments and features in the FeatureHub Admin Console

Start rolling out features in your application, and your key analytic events and see the results in Google Analytics. 


Initiate your feedback loop with FeatureHub

It’s easy to fall victim to your own biases when you’re passionate about your idea.


If your feature is based only on your own untested assumptions, it’s doomed to failure.


Iterating the following steps, Learn, Build & Measure, you’ll sync up your product with the audience’s demand. The result will be features your customers want and better products for your business.

FeatureHub is designed to streamline this approach with SDK's and best practice approaches for managing features in your codebase and 'out of the box' Google Analytics integration, so you can measure the performance of your features in realtime.

FeatureHub - Feedback Loop - Free feature management
  • Feature flags is a key enabler for trunk based development. Use this technique to avoid large risky code merges and long lived branches

  • Feature flags allow teams to decouple release from deployment. Product owners can decide when they want new features to be turned on with one click of a button


  • With FeatureHub service you can perform A/B testing and use percentage rollout to prototype and test ideas frequently and safely with real customers in production 


FeatureHub - embedding DevOps best practices 

​We're passionate about DevOps and we know that feature flag driven development encourages DevOps and good engineering practices

Feature flag driven development 

Feature flag driven development is the software development technique that is based on conditional branching of your code (e.g. if-else statements) to allow to separate deployment from release of new features in production. The code can be incrementally shipped behind a feature flag and be "invisible" to the end user thus allowing deployments to production even if the feature is incomplete. The visibility of the feature (or release of the feature) to the end user is controlled by the feature flag state that can be simply turned on like a switch and doesn't require a deployment.

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