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FeatureHub Introducing Feature Groups in release 1.7.0

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In the fast-paced world of software development, FeatureHub has once again raised the bar with its latest release—introducing the game-changing "Feature Groups" capability. Feature Groups designed to redefine how development teams structure, deploy, and manage features and business toggles within their applications. If you are a SaaS company, Feature Groups is definitely something for you to check out.

Feature Groups Use Cases

Controlled Access to the functionality in your application

Feature groups can be used to control access to specific functionality of your app based on user attributes or types. This level of access control becomes especially crucial in SaaS applications, where the need to organise features per client or payment tiers arises. One of the use cases is when a feature flag is used as a mechanism to split features into different customer tiers (Free, Business, Enterprise etc..). For example, a SaaS application could have a group of "free" tier features and another group which contains features only available to the clients on the "paid" tier. If a new client joins a "paid tier", Feature Group strategy could be easily updated in one place and applied to all features in that group simultaneously.

Feature Groups setup

Gradual rollout for multiple features

Feature groups allow you to effortlessly manage the gradual rollout of several features simultaneously with a single action. By grouping the features together, you can create a percentage rollout strategy for the entire group, providing centralised control for modifying percentage value during the gradual rollout. Now, adapting the rollout percentage strategy for mulptiple features is as easy as a few clicks, giving you control and flexibility in orchestrating the phased release of your application features.

Logical organisation per strategy

If you find yourself repeatedly setting up the same rollout strategy for multiple features, FeatureHub provides a solution. Instead of duplicating efforts, you can now group your features, create the rollout strategy once, and control it centrally from a single location. The example of this can be, when you need to rollout a group of features that should only be available to "mobile app" users. You can create such strategy with a "Device=mobile" rule just once and control feature values from the same place in the group settings.

By consolidating control, FeatureHub ensures that your development workflow remains cohesive and simplified, allowing you to focus on strategic feature management without unnecessary repetition.

This release is available on both our Open Source and SaaS platforms.


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