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FeatureHub releases version 1.0.0 to support gradual percentage rollout and A/B testing

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

FeatureHub team is proud to announce a new release that officially supports gradual percentage rollout and A/B testing. Now you can release features gradually to a small subset of the audience using percentage rollout setting. Test safely in production, get early feedback and gradually roll it out to 100% when you are ready. In order to enable this in your SDK don't forget to provide user key or some other unique identifier for your users, e.g. with our Node SDK:

const fhClient = await fhConfig.newContext().userKey('foo').build();
const color = fhClient.getString('SUBMIT_COLOR_BUTTON');

Then configure percentage setting easily from the FeatureHub Admin Console.

FeatureHub gradual percentage rollout - feature flag
FeatureHub gradual percentage rollout - feature flag

You can also use percentage rollout setting to perform A-B testing or run experiments, using multiple non-binary feature variations, for example by setting a string or a number (see image below). Given FeatureHub provides a GoogleAnalytics connector - you can see the result of your experimentation in the Google Analytics Events dashboard in real time.

FeatureHub A/B testing
FeatureHub A/B testing


To install FeatureHub service, follow our documentation at

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